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Tony Stone,
is a native Kentuckian whose musical roots run deep in bluegrass, country, pop-rock, jazz, and ultimately gospel. He is a dedicated husband and father of two as well as Senior Pastor of Mt. Sterling Covenant Church, which he founded in 2003 along with his wife Sandy.

As a teenage boy, Tony like most teenagers was searching for something, someone to fill a void that was in his life. A void that was filled when he gave his heart to Jesus Christ and heard a call to preach the gospel. But Tony was a musician with dreams and aspirations of stardom in the secular world of music. And in spite of what his heart said, Tony went astray chasing dreams, putting God on hold.  

With a love to write, sing, play, and perform Tony enjoyed what some would call success. He shared the stage with such music stars as Keith Whitley, Patty Loveless, and Exile. He performed for Nashville record label executives and was recognized as 1 of 5 finalist out of 2500 contestants across the United States in a National talent showcase where he came in 2nd. Tony was determined to be a star.  

Tony spent years trying to achieve a lifelong dream. But for many of those years he battled with alcoholism and substance abuse problems which left him broken, battered, and scarred. In 1998 he hit bottom and turned to the one who had never left his side, Jesus . " Lord, I can't do this anymore. Take this from me" were the words Tony cried. And it was then Jesus came in and delivered him, restored him , and set on the path that has led him this way today.  

The words he wrote for the song " That's when I won" are auto-biographical Tony say's. " The moment I surrendered all, that's when I won. " And won he has, for God has taken those heartaches, wounds, and scars to use as a testimony of his love, grace, and mercy which is from everlasting to everlasting.  

Today Tony is a Pastor/ Singer-Songwriter who knows what it's like first hand to experience the trials of life and embrace the victory that is found Jesus. And his joy is to share the good gospel news with others. To tell them where he's been, show them where he's going and invite them to go with him. Don't you wanna go ?

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